Monday, November 30, 2009

Please read!

For those of you who received Matthew Simery's email, you probably just as "in" to the Eowyn/Arwen debate as I am! Not that I have ever been really tired of it, just a little frustrated with Anonymous commenter's.;)

I had to have my blog go private for a little while because I needed to give a new look, and I had to decide if the Arwen/Eowyn debate is worth it. It seems some people care more about Arwen or Eowyn than they do about the girls on this blog! *sigh* Its so sad really.... So, if I haven't published a lot of people's comments, its probably because I thought it was rude/unkind/not Christ-like. Still confused? Well, maybe it was because I have three other people who have access to my account. So....if they have rejected your comment, I am very sorry.

I have decided if we are going to have our debates, we CANNOT, I repeat CANNOT discuss the Eowyn/Prostitution subject.(my sources are Peter Jackson, and Miranda Otto, I do not think they would "makeup" something like that) Why can we not discuss it? Well, if it was just girls/women discussing it, I would allow us to do so, but its not. There are a lot of guys who read this blog, and I just don't think its appropriate That is my final word on this subject.

A friend suggested to me, that instead of *just* doing an Arwen/Eowyn blog, I should just make it a LOTR blog. The blog name would still be 'Arwen VS Eowyn', and that would still be the theme, but I could post a lot of other things too.(a lot of you probably don't even know my favorite character!:) Let me know what you think of this!

One more important thing; I do not prefer Arwen over Eowyn, or Eowyn over Arwen.

I love Eowyn because I RELATE to her. I love Arwen because I would rather BE like her. Make any sense?